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Welcome to the Chillax Zone!

Whether you have been trying to manage your life and live vibrantly for years or if you are brand new to the concept, I have your back. I educate women like you on the small steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle, to help you be the best version of yourself. - Tash xo

Available Programs

The Chillax Club

Live Your Life Full Of Confidence And Self Love! 💖 You Can Boost Your Happiness, Reduce Stress, and Start Smiling More Today! Get Your FREE CHILLAX CLUB Membership. 

End Perfectionism Masterclass

Know the signs of being a perfectionist, find a healthy balance and discover strategies on how to manage perfectionism.

Happiness Starts With You

I’ve written a guide called “Happiness Starts With You” which shares How a Positive Mental Attitude Ignites Success in Work and Life.

Living Chillaxed Program

For stressed out, emotionally drained and anxious women who want to learn to manage stress, overcome it, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Mastering Meditation

Isn’t it time you felt zen in this busy world? It can happen with the power of meditation. Learn how to meditate and feel calmer in your life.

1% Better Every Day

Learn to master the art of Kaizen, and to take a MUCH more effective approach to change in every area of your life.

1:1 Mindset Coaching

This Mindset Coaching program will get you on the right track to changing your relationship with food, your body, and your life!

60 Quick & Easy Wholefood Recipes

With these 60 quick and easy whole food recipes, you’ll find that cooking healthy food doesn’t have to be a stressful, super time-consuming task.

Sofa to Sensational Boot Camp

Get my step-by-step process to create LESS STRESSFUL & SIMPLE exercise plan that will get you more TONED, FIT and ENERGIZED than ever, without spending countless hours at the gym!

Stress-Less Solution

Relieve stress without relying on Food or Alcohol - Discover the changes you can make to reduce stress and overwhelm, plus natural health remedies for alleviating chronic stress, and more!

The Anti-Anxiety Formula

Discover the ultimate solution to wash away anxiety and all negative thoughts... so you can be fearless, live life on your own terms, and become the best version of yourself.

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